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One of the most common complaints from casual and experienced cyclists alike is that of a sore bum after medium length rides. Anatomically shaped bike saddles are not new, having been around now for almost 20 years as designers have aimed to reduce the classic symptoms of saddle soreness with all sorts of crazy designs from midline cutouts to the highly unusual “boomerang” seat.

boomerang saddle midline cutout saddle

As a bunch of cycling nuts (no pun intended), Perth Urology Clinic has collectively tried many different designs with varying degreed of success. We are currently all a bit excited because we think we may have found the best one yet – The Infinity Seat.

C-Series — Infinity Bike Seat

The Infinity Seat not only protects your sensitive perineum/pubic-bone area, but relieves sit-bone (ischial tuberosity) pressure as well. Rather than compressing the pudendal canal and arteries like a conventional bike seat does, the Infinity Seat moves the anatomical contact points outward — to areas that are less sensitive to compression and more capable of “providing their own padding” (ie: your bum).

Science of the Infinity Seat 2


The result is a much more comfortable ride with far less chance of developing saddle sores, genital numbness (both male and female), impotence and nerve damage. We have put in a bulk order and are going to give this one a try… see you on the road!


Note: Perth Urology Clinic does not receive any funding or kickbacks from Infinity Unlimited, who make the Infinity Seat.




We would however be very keen to.




Please send us free seats!


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