Diet plays an important part in general health and wellbeing.  Within the field of urology dietary modification can be an essential part of kidney stone prevention and health optimisation prior to surgery.



As part of a comprehensive urological service, Perth Urology Clinic is happy to be able to offer in-house dietitian appointments with Jessica Lang.  Jess is a behaviour-focussed dietitian and like all treatment at Perth Urology Clinic, her advice will be tailored to you as an individual.

Before surgery it is beneficial to improve your diet with the aim of weight loss and general good health.  This can make the surgery easier, reduce your chance of complications and speed up your recovery. 

Jess will assess your diet, eating habits, cooking methods and food preferences.  She will identify any lifestyle constraints getting in the way of dietary change. She will provide you with individualised feedback and advice about what positive changes you can make to achieve your weight loss and general health goals before surgery, and then maintain them afterwards.

Jess can also help with more specific advice about:

  • Prevention of kidney stones
  • Low purine or oxalate diet
  • Eating/drinking behavior change
  • General Weight loss
  • Maintenance of weight
  • Management of diabetes
  • Management of diet related symptoms


$150   60 minute initial appointment

$75     30 minute follow up appointment


If you have private health cover you may get some of this cost back. 

Alternatively you can discuss a health care plan with your GP to get a Medicare rebate on dietetic services.


To book in your appointment call Perth Urology Clinic on (08) 9322 2435


If you have any other queries, feel free to email Jess directly at


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